Flexible Customized Supply Chain Services for the Global Market

We have trained many craftsmen to customize various exquisite handicrafts.
Your better handmade & personalized customization dropshipping & fulfillment partner.

  • No order minimums
  • No Inventory
  • Innovative & Unique
  • Fast & Inexpensive

How it works?

1. We design exclusive products for you according to your needs and list them in your store.
2. Customers purchase products from your store and submit personalized information.
3. Place orders with us based on customer’s orders and only pay the production cost, leaving your profit.
4. We choose the most suitable craftsmen to make products and ship them directly to your customers.

What make FlexibleCustom different

Unique Products

Our products come from internal craftsmen and are original, unique, and diverse, making it difficult to find them elsewhere.

Origin Craftsmen

Collaborate directly with craftsmen without intermediaries to ensure the highest supply chain efficiency.

Stable Fulfillment

We have a large number of craftsmen and a standardized management system to ensure stable and reliable fulfillment.

Personalized Customization

From functionality to materials, you can define your unique products according to your
specific requirements.

Custom Packaging

You can design your own brand, logo, and packaging to ensure that your product leaves a unique impression on customers.

Media Material

Provide unique image/video materials to help you quickly start selling and avoid being judged as infringing.

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